Your customers need some sleep – here’s how your content can help

When you’re creating content, telling a story or being funny is a great start. But to really connect with an audience, you need to go deeper. When a piece of content manages to educate or entertain AND twang an emotional nerve, that’s when your message properly hits home.

How though? Here’s some tips:

Visualise your customer in bed

Jump into your customer’s futon for a bit. When it’s 3am and they can’t sleep, what is it that makes them toss and turn?

  1. Maybe you’re a bank and your customer is a small business owner. Are they worried about how to maintain cashflow during the pandemic?
  2. Perhaps you’re a driving instructor. Think about what your learner drivers are fretting about. Or, perhaps it’s their parents that are lying awake.

Work out what will help

The best content has real value for your target audience. Think about what you can pass on that will relieve some of that worry or help solve a problem – and make your client feel happier!

For example:

  1. That bank could post a series of tips for freeing up cashflow in a downturn that includes a calculator to work out how much cash you’ll need for the next 3,6 or 12 months.
  2. The driving instructor could post ‘how to know when you’re ready to sit your driving test’ post that includes a checklist for how to prepare on the day. Or, a well-researched article about how to alter your insurance once your teenager starts driving the family vehicle.

Always give something away

When you post content, always include a gift. Handing over a tip, trick, or tool that can help your customer with their problem is the key to building trust. Always think, why should people read this? What will they come away with? Then give them a little something that might make life a bit easier.

Tip: It might help to create a few ‘characters’ that represent your client base. You can brainstorm how old they are, what sort of job they have, do they have kids? What do they like to do on the weekend? What are their main concerns? You might end up with a few different peeps to run the 3am test on.

If you’ve got ideas and you need help to write them down, we can help you with that.