Whether it's writing a business report or keeping your blog alive and kicking, producing any kind of content calls for some expertise and the undivided attention of the person least likely to have time to divide – you. Let us help you.


Want to know the benefits? Here we go:

  • Real value: Our services take the pressure off and provide a meaningful, cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising spend

  • Personal: Because we're more nimble than big agencies, you work with the people who actually do your work

  • Scale and quality: Unlike freelancers, Wordplant writers work as a team which means flexibility of scale and a second layer of sharpness

  • Credible insight: Our corporate backgrounds mean we have an inkling of your world, your challenges and your needs

  • Confidentiality: Our promise is made good with a contract and any necessary clauses

Content Creation

Whatever content you need to create, you give us the brief, we’ll find out what notes you want to hit, and then get to work.  

We'll make sure it speaks with authenticity and ticks the keywords boxes for web. You won’t need to give the job another thought until the draft is done and ready for a read.

  • Feature articles for magazines, print and online publications

  • Blog posts

  • Website content and SEO

  • Thought leadership articles

  • Ghostwriting


Copywriting is an artform.

By developing strategic, crafted copy that turns heads and opens eyes we can sell in your messages, products and values, and elevate your brand.

  • Copywriting for web, digital, print and newsletters

  • Social media posts

  • Marketing collateral

Blog Writing

Don't let your blog run dry.

Talk to us about keeping it updated, fresh and entertaining with big ideas and fine detail that bring your readers back for more.

  • Regular blog posts

  • Idea creation

  • Research and interviewing subjects

Business Writing

No need to wing it.

Let's create professional content that speaks to the business community in their language.

  • Media releases

  • Business reporting

  • Internal and external communications


You've come to the right place.

Whatever content you have we can cut, paste, smooth, tame and sharpen it, ready to release it into the wild.

  • Proofreading and grammar checks

  • Copyediting to polish and fine-tune

  • Ghostwriting