How to generate a big ol’ list of great content ideas

Fresh, high-quality, entertaining content. All the time. That’s what you need to keep your website humming on the google, and importantly, engage with your potential customers, expand your reach and start conversations. Easier said than done. Staring at the blank page that should be your content plan is intimidating and frankly, utterly uninspiring.

So, for when you’re struggling, here’s our list of easy options for generating ideas and creating a chunky list of possible posts.

Flesh out your FAQ’s

For most business, there’s a handful of things customers want to know when they’re thinking about working with you. Take each of these and create a blog post, social post or video explaining what your customer needs to know.

Timely Tidbits

A well-timed relevant post is hard to beat. Grab some colleagues and brainstorm what’s keeping your customers awake at night, or what information would be handy right now and then find it for them. They’ll thank you for it.
During the COVID-19 lockdown, an insurance company posted a list of tips for looking after your car when you’re not using it. Genius.

Case the competition

OK, so don’t pinch anything, but DO check out your main competition to see what they’re talking about. Something in a similar business’s blog or Instagram comments might spark an idea for you. Their clients will likely be interested in the same things that yours are, so take note of what they’re up to.

Inside Outwards

Check out what’s going on inside your business that could be shared. Part of why clients read your blog or follow your social media is to get to know more about you, and that includes your people. If there’s an internal newsletter, see what you can grab from there to turn into a post. Interview your staff and create a profile piece or ask them to share a hot tip. Get them on video – everyone loves doing that, right?

Invite a friend

Inject a fresh voice and perspective into your content by inviting a guest blogger, expert, or even a customer to create a post for you. This method works well if you can reciprocate and contribute to their content. The cross-pollination is a win-win as well, you never know who you might reach by expanding your audience and getting in front of a new crew.

Get your money’s worth

Whenever you create content, think about how much mileage you can get from it. Perhaps your client case study was created for the blog but will also work on LinkedIn. After that, grab your favourite quote from the text and a beautiful image to post to Instagram. Great content takes time and work, so it makes sense to reuse and recycle where you can.

Go forth

Keeping your eyes and ears open to what your industry is talking about and what’s newsworthy is a great place to start. Grab ideas when you see them add them to your list and then mix it up when you create your plan.

And once you’ve got your monster list, now all you need to do is get them written.

That’s what we do. If the team at Wordplant can help, please do get in touch.