A picture's worth a thousand words

“Anna writes with my tone of voice, pitching it just right for my target audience.”

Wedding photographer Ryan from Feather & Finch Photography is a busy guy. He's based on the gorgeous Gold Coast but demand for his talent takes him all over the show, from slick city bars to the pinnacles of the Remarkables. Ryan loves his job capturing special moments for couples on their big day, and he likes to spend his time where it’s most valuable; looking after his clients and focusing on what he does best. Writing’s not his favourite, so the Wordplant team helps him with that.

We asked him to write down what he thought about not writing.

When you began working Wordplant, what did you need help with?

My writing skills are not the best and I have always known that having someone that can articulate that certain feeling that you want in your copy is so valuable for the business. I realised I needed help with weekly blogging and Wordplant was recommended to me by a friend.

How did Wordplant help you solve that problem?

Anna writes with my tone of voice, pitching it just right for my target audience. And of course, she writes incredibly well.

What was the outcome for your business?

I've gained more exposure for my business and a higher SEO ranking. Importantly, working with Wordplant means I'm providing my audience and clients with more value and have more time for myself.

What is it like to work with Anna?

Incredible. Honestly, if you don’t have the time, don’t enjoy it or are not great with words, the one thing you need to invest in is a good copywriter.

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