Supporting the business that supports businesses

“Anna delivered what we couldn't do ourselves and it was exactly what we needed.”

Scratching your head and staring at a blank page is not the best use of anyone's time. The team from Double-O Consultants are flat tack helping their clients do 'dangerously good business'. So to save them time, and help them share their knowledge and start conversations, we provide a helping hand with their words.

We asked them if they think we’re any good at it.

When you started working with Anna from Wordplant, what problem were you trying to solve?

We had some editing, writing and social media needs and we knew we needed someone who knew how to write, could be a little creative, but who also understood our business. We were really busy, and although it was something we all agreed was important, getting our own work done would always get deprioritised behind paid work. We knew Anna and we knew she was the person to help us.

How did Anna help you with that?

Anna made sure she understood our business and who we were, and what we were trying to do. Then she pushed us, challenged us and picked the ball up and ran with it. Ultimately, Anna delivered what we couldn't do ourselves and it was exactly what we needed. She built up trust to the point that she now has more freedom to represent us in our social media posts.

What was the outcome for your business?

The quality of our reports and social media has improved immensely. We're now satisfied that we've got someone who understands our business and whom we trust to deliver what we need when we need it. We've also been getting noticed more. People are commenting, both online and offline, about the quality and creativity of our work.

What is it like to work with Wordplant?

Anna is pretty damn easy to work with. She listens and makes an effort to understand what you're trying to achieve, coming back with options you hadn't thought about. And she's not precious, you can give her feedback and she takes it all on board. It's a joy.

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